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E Station

E Station

GCS is a partner of B&S Media Co., Ltd (Korea) producer of E Station here at Eastern Part of Saudi Arabia (Dammam)

About e-Station

The e-STATION S is advanced Smart Podiums and workstations address technology-based learning environments. It has the latest technology for presenting in Classrooms, Auditoriums, Meeting Rooms, and Lecture Halls. It is equipped with a userfriendly control panel, a tablet LCD monitor, a personal computer, a DVD/VCR, and audio systems such as a microphone and an amplifier.

e-STATION'S Components

tablet monitor
integrated controller
lecture recording s/w
DVD/VCR player / Power distributor / LAN (Options)


Present unified environment standardized for supporting the high-tech learning
Provide function to allow for centralized control of all facilities and devices
Present effective management plans for acceptance and management of equipment
Provide completely convenience facilities to give a lecture liberally
Ensure sight of user through electric angle conditioning system of TABLET monitor
Extend lecture contents ongoing on Off-Line to Web service in the easiest way
Possible extension linkage of remote central management system using LAN
Proved that the best implementation result is the best system

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