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Interactive Touch Screen

Bring interactivity to business
Create playful educational experiences, engage and gamify immersive retail journeys, lead the way in creative collaboration in your workplace and beyond.

Philips C-Line

Perfect for organisations that are starting or evolving their digital transformation, the Philips C-Line boasts multi-touch technology and a whiteboard mode for instant digitisation of ideas. Write, draw, move and shape things live on screen and share it with the team digitally.

Philips E-Line

Create a classroom that revels in learning. The Philips E-Line education display supports teachers, lecturers and instructors across all disciplines with intuitive technology that can awaken learners’ curiosity and inspire imagination.

Philips T-Line

Present with true confidence in a meeting room that is productive and fully engaged. A retail space with true interactivity. The Philips T-Line inspires interactive excellence, featuring multi-touch technology and whiteboard mode.

Philips T-Line kiosk display

Promote. Inform. Intrigue. The all-in-one Philips T-Line Kiosk Display boasts a clear, responsive screen with multi-touch technology. Power-over-Ethernet and 4G connectivity enable flexible placement with remote updates for easy content management.

Philips T-Line 10” control display

Small in size, big on impact. The Philips T-Line 10” control display is perfect for shelf advertising, wayfinding, meeting room booking information, and wherever dynamic information is important to be displayed within a limited space.

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